What agreement types does LIKEZERO support?

LIKEZERO is agnostic to document type and can support tough legacy contracts. LIKEZERO has looked at the majority of financial services contracts.

What languages does LIKEZERO handle?

LIKEZERO supports any language.

Can LIKEZERO process fund agreements?

Yes and we can hold data against principal agreements at either a fund or individual attribute level.

Does LIKEZERO only handle standardised templates?

No, LIKEZERO works extremely efficiently even where there is minimal standardisation eg. Loan contracts.

How does LIKEZERO handle OCR errors?

OCR errors are detected through a probability measure that compares all of the words in one paragraph relative to another “similar” paragraph. The differences in words between the paragraphs are highlighted to a system operator.

How scalable is LIKEZERO?

LIKEZERO has delivered projects which require the processing of over 300,000 documents. The software is also highly efficient on small numbers of documents i.e. less than 1,000.

Is there a central document repository?

Yes and this is surfaced as a contract inventory.

What data models does LIKEZERO have?

LIKEZERO has a Master Data Model consisting of thousands of attributes which supports a variety of agreement types and use cases such as BREXIT, LIBOR, Loans Reference Data & Collateral (UMR).

Can LIKEZERO ingest metadata?

Yes – LIKEZERO is fully customisable to hold required metadata for various use cases.

Can LIKEZERO extract data embedded within tables?

Yes e.g. Credit Support Annex (CSA) Eligible Collateral and Loan Facility Terms and Conditions

Can the data model be adapted midway through a project?

Yes, LIKEZERO can capture data at any point in time and also handle out of sequence document processing.

What is the LIKEZERO Clause Library?

The Clause Library is a set of paragraph Clusters that are mapped to LIKEZEROs Data Model. When new documents are processed, the paragraphs mined from the document are automatically matched against the Clause Library and data is subsequently inherited from the Library enabling a STP.

Does LIKEZERO use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Our core processes do not use AI/ML. LIKEZERO uses proprietary data mining and matching techniques. This means that when data is captured programmatically it does not need to be checked by the user as matching ensures 100% accuracy. We leverage Machine Learning to surface similar paragraphs e.g. for OCR errors; however, we rely on the user to interpret and codify data rather than the machine so we do not need to check for false positives.

What reporting formats does LIKEZERO provide i.e. XML, CSV, BI?

LIKEZERO provides standard data outputs in XML and CSV. Customised data feeds (and associated mappings) can be made available through APIs.

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