The answers our competitors are still looking for

Capturing data from heavily negotiated contracts without the need for human review or quality assurance is a challenge that many businesses face. We solve this by matching data (text strings) in a relational database – it means we never guess the answer, and once we know, we never forget.


A unique algorithm that brings everything together

A unique algorithm that increases efficiency / Time to end ‘one doc at a time’
For our competitors, once automated data extraction has run the process of completing and checking, the data is a painstaking job – one document at a time. LIKEZERO minimises the need for review but where this is required our unique clustering algorithm means that all human interventions are always on a multiple tread (many documents at a time).

We’ve got just the person for the job / The right people at the right time

Ensuring that an appropriately skilled person is used for every step of the process, is very hard to achieve. If this fails, the impacts are extremely costly. LIKEZERO both minimises the effort and orchestrates the work so that we always have the right people doing the best job. Lawyers deal with the really bespoke language whist operations staff can perform less skilled work.

Changing the model to work for you

Adding data to an existing data set is quite often more painful than starting from scratch. Our data framework allows you to load an existing structured data set and add to this so that you benefit from prior investments. You can also add data at any time to the data model at minimal cost or time.

We know the language of contracts / Interpreting the language of contracts

Connecting the dots in contracts / Managing the relationship of data in contracts
Managing the relationship between data in two different documents or in two different parts of the same document is a prerequisite for contract analysis, but it’s not easy. LIKEZERO has the capability to manage definitions and references to solve this problem, ensuring that you always know how to interpret the language in your contracts.