Like nothing else

Using a combination of actual intelligence, unique data mining and language matching, we’ve pioneered
a new approach to extracting legal terms and data. The result is precision, ending the need for human review.

Why ‘Clustering’ works to save you time

Other technologies require human review of all captured data and this review is completed one document at a time. Our Clustering process ensures that when we need to extend our data model, we can do this across the whole inventory of contracts.

Navigate contracts with contract hierarchy

LIKEZERO gives you a complete view of all your contracts, across all your products, businesses and client entities.

Capture data without the rules

Instead of asking developers to code rules, our data framework allows business users to build data models and data standards, as you go. These data models hold the relationship between the Clusters and the captured data allowing us to inherit intelligence from all the contracts we have seen.

Data model

Show similar

Unlike other technologies, we instantly surface Clusters of similar language including those with slight variances. Surfacing these differences has two key benefits – identifying “unknown” language and handling OCR errors.

Make Actual Intelligence work for you

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