Contract risk analysis

Global markets are highly structured and move at pace, particularly when unforeseen industry events occur. Banks and Investment firms are navigating complex legal agreements to unpick historical context to decide how to manage legal, credit and operational risks. This is time consuming and costly.

LIKEZERO transposes complex legal agreements into a structured consumable data output that can be trusted because it has complete context. Our data outputs enable firms to improve quality, reduce cost and more importantly save time on difficult decision making.

Our next generation approach to contract data capture, together with our data framework means we can handle the significant complexities associated with financial services contracts. Whilst still delivering unrivalled precision and maximum return on investment.

Delivering business value

Quality of Data

Operations performed by the software deliver results that are 100% accurate so can be trusted.

Reduced Costs

LIKEZERO reduces manual processes by up to 90% as all user operations are managed across multiple documents (clusters) and data captured by the software does not need to go through QA (matching).

Time Saving

No need for complex rule writing and configurations. LIKEZERO allows you to collect data immediately and optimises any manual process.

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