Beyond contract data: Likezero’s brand refresh

Katie Morgan
BD & Marketing Director

10 August 2023

Change is an inevitable part of growth, and for Likezero, evolution has been at the core of our journey. Our brand’s refreshed look reflects our commitment to continually deliver value in more than just ‘contract data’ and re-define its meaning for our clients.

Likezero was founded with a vision to revolutionise the way businesses interact with contract data. Our initial focus was on providing a comprehensive platform that simplifies contract management, streamlines operations, and supports regulatory compliance. As we began working with leading financial institutions, it was clear that our value proposition extended beyond this; it encompassed empowering businesses with critical intelligence that would drive strategic decision-making across operational, legal and counterparty risk in both day to day operations and in times of crisis.


Evolving with our clients and the market

Our clients have an urgent need to access accurate contractual data. The demand to make informed and impactful decisions is increasingly challenging without access to the decision-defining intelligence locked deep within vast document libraries of complex legal contracts.

Through leading some of the largest enterprise implementations in the market across regulatory projects, collateral, prime brokerage and loans, our journey with our clients has been transformative. We’ve been at the forefront of market events; helping our banking client solve their Russian sanctions data requirements in a single afternoon! In close collaboration, we evolved our offerings and now our expertise spans across three core areas: Contract Data Operations, Legal Crisis Management, and Counterparty Contract Optimisation.

These pillars showcase the depth and breadth of our capabilities, enabling our clients to trust us as the deciding factor in their decision making. We arm our clients with contractual evidence ready to rely on for every decision they make. Like, right now, or preparing for what could happen next, and being ready to take advantage of new opportunities the instant they appear.


Aligning identity with purpose

When discussing our refreshed brand identity and purpose, we took a step back to evaluate our accomplishments, the developments in the market (from Archegos and beyond) and, most importantly, the partnerships we’ve built with our clients. The rebranding process aimed to align our identity with our purpose, to deliver value beyond expectations.

Likezero’s new visual elements symbolise our commitment to innovation, reliability, and forward-thinking solutions. The bold and dynamic colours reflect the energy and enthusiasm we bring to the table when tackling our clients’ challenges. Our revamped logo signifies how our software zero’s in on valuable insights, cutting quickly to the invaluable information that business-critical decisions are made on – and trading relationships are built upon. We have also traded in our uppercase LIKEZERO for Likezero, an approachable way to show we’re on a journey with our clients and partners, evolving alongside the industry.


What do these changes mean for our clients?

From our design principles through to our branding, our clients have always been at the centre of everything we do.The brand refresh is just an example of our dedication in catering to their ever-evolving needs.

So, what do these changes mean for our clients?

1_ Enhanced partnership

The brand refresh signifies a deeper commitment to our clients, showing that we are continuously evolving, in this fast-paced industry, to deliver additional value across the contract lifecycle.

2_ Invaluable insights

Our renewed focus demonstrates we trusted as the deciding factor at times of dispute, disruption or disaster, and with over 60%* of the front office asking for more data we can improve profitability through counterparty contract optimisations.

3_ Client experience

Our revamped brand shares insights into the business value we have delivered for our clients, supporting firms with evidence they need to build their contract data investment strategy.

4_ An unwavering focus on our vision

Our core focus is to deliver contract intelligence like no other, allowing our clients to know in an instant where they stand with their counterparties in times of market events, respond with confidence and be equipped for the future.


We are excited to continue to deliver revolutionary software and business value for financial institutions, empowering them with strategic insights, driving innovation, and helping them gain the competitive edge. We look forward to bringing on more forward-thinking financial institutions alongside us.

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