Likezero named 2023 Banking Tech Awards finalist

October 4, 2023

Likezero, the market-leading provider of contract intelligence software to the financial services industry, has been chosen as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Banking Tech Awards. With two and a half decades of recognising innovation, the Banking Tech Awards celebrate the pioneers who are driving the financial sector forward on a global scale.

Trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions, Likezero’s revolutionary software helps financial institutions to make well-informed decisions during crises, expedites client onboarding and contract execution with unparalleled efficiency, and accelerates the automation of contractual data operations.

In the 2023 Banking Tech Awards, Likezero proudly stands as one of the top ten finalists in its category, an acknowledgment that our technology defines the future of banking and finance. We offer a solution that is indisputably advanced, forward-thinking, and consistently keeps users at the forefront of industry innovation.

This year’s Banking Tech Awards is set for November 30th in the vibrant city of London, where the winners will be unveiled. Likezero is gearing up for an exciting night, and we look forward to sharing the results with you.

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