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Case study: Automating loan document processing for enhanced decision making

The challenge

A world leading data provider was spending a huge amount of time and resource each month on manual reviews of loan documentation (Master Credit Agreements) covering $100tn in notional amounts, for their customers.

  • Problems with the non-standardised nature of loan documents, as many customers required bespoke language to manage their own unique loan risks.
  • Data keying and quality assurance involved time-consuming manual processes and language interpretation.
  • Long lead times for the client to answer customer queries on facilities.

To overcome these multiple pain points, the data provider set itself the objective of finding an automated data collection solution capable of supporting a 50% reduction in document turnaround time.

Our response

As the leading provider of agreement data capture software, Likezero’s techniques are designed to support and reduce the time spent on loan documentation and provide clients with a golden source of accurate loan documents and data.

Likezero was chosen over and above competitors, as our software was proven to be the only one which could be flexible enough to handle loan documentation complexities, such as multiple facilities under a single agreement and manage the vast variation of negotiated legal clauses.

By utilising automated data matching, capture, and document management, we were able to cut the manual review process by more than half. Major inefficiencies were removed from deal lifecycles, while data accuracy risks and resource implications were greatly diminished.

The client now benefits from a golden source repository of documents and data, together with a digital playbook containing all their customers’ historic legal clauses for rapid insights and analysis, manage risk with bespoke clauses and access better data for portfolio optimisation and the sale process.

100,000 +

unique clauses in the digital playbook

> 500,000

loan specific data points collected

80% ↓

reduction in loans turnaround time


Business outcomes

  • Reduced time and cost of manual processing, streamlining the business as usual process for Credit Agreements.
  • Improved time to market and speed of deal capture.
  • Enhanced risk management and decision making through increased data quality.
  • Maximised opportunity generation and insights with increased data availability.

Technical outcomes

  • Rapid user driven data model customisation.
  • Intra-document complexities automatically linked by the system.
  • Automatic creation of a chronological chain of the contract, giving a full history of document changes through amendments.
  • Collection of additional previously uncaptured data i.e., clauses associated with incremental facilities and additional parties to the contracts.

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