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Our revolutionary software accelerates and automates contractual data operations. So that you can remove manual intervention and consume the contractual data faster than ever before, whilst enhancing quality and reducing cost. Now, your teams can focus on managing the next market moment and taking on new business opportunities.

Our impact

Time to trade

80% ↓

reduction in loans
drawdown time

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Data coverage


increase in agreement data compared
to existing data in bank systems

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Cost reduction


reduction in operations
cost per agreement

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“We have created the first automated process in any investment bank that removes manual intervention between signing the contract and time to trade.


Katie Morgan,
Director, Likezero

The business case

Reduce dispute exposure with improved data quality.

Reduce your exposure of data breaks and disputes with improved data quality, like no other. Save significant time and cost in collecting the most complex contractual data. Enable your teams to focus on higher value-add activities and take on more business opportunities.


Prove you have data governance with verifiable contract data.

Operationalise the legal contract, and all its complexities, into a single consumable output. Legacy data is validated for correct context and accuracy, so you can confidently re-purpose the data for new functions, whilst maintaining the provenance of data over the lifecycle of the contract.


Fully automate the future with your clause library.

A clause library is built from your own agreements covering all counterparty relationships, both current and legacy. This becomes your invaluable resource, enabling you to analyse the past and automate the future to streamline your operations, like no other software has achieved before.



Reduce exposure to data breaks and disputes instantly.

Our software saved an investment bank millions of dollars, by highlighting currency inaccuracies in the bank’s live collateral management system.

Experience heightened accuracy and precision. Reduce your costs of collecting legacy and business as usual contractual data. Enable your teams to concentrate on high-value, strategic activities that drive growth and success.

Critical contract intelligence – like never before.

How it works

At the forefront of innovation, we have pioneered a revolutionary approach to extracting and managing contractual legal terms and associated data. Our data mining and natural language matching techniques creates contextualised clause libraries from data mined across the most complex financial contracts, achieving unparalleled automation and accuracy for our clients.

Delivering business value

We transform financial institutions’ decision-making. Our software enhances data quality, drastically reduces collection costs and unlocks new datasets to identify risk patterns for proactive risk mitigation.

Access your contextualised contract data in real-time, enhancing your critical decision-making to better manage your legal, credit and operational risk – always backed by contractual evidence.

Why Likezero?

We redefine contract data, turning contracts into contextualised clause libraries. Our techniques surpass the speed, accuracy and cost efficiencies of any other solution available in the market today. Enhanced further with our deep domain expertise.

Confidence levels and false positives are a thing of the past, our software collects only reliable data, eliminating the need for human validation. Our market-leading data framework, is specifically designed to handle complexities in managing entities, terms, and data – empowering real-time contractual insights and accelerating business-as-usual processes.

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