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Manage the unexpected. Our revolutionary software helps you to decide the best course of action to put yourself in the best possible position – for every crisis. So, when the unexpected does happen, you can react and act with confidence – quicker than ever before.

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“We help our clients understand exposures in a matter of seconds, so they can take decisive action – faster than humanly possible”


Simon Davies,
Head of Strategy and Partnerships, Likezero

The business case

Reduce the cost of understanding the crisis.

Access a trusted golden source of agreement and entity data, to understand which of your documents and counterparties are impacted by the crisis without costly legal fees.


Analyse the impact of the crisis faster.

Rapidly compare and contrast clauses across all impacted contracts in a single search. Immediately assess the clause for risk and define the strategy for remediation.


Trusted decision-making to manage the crisis better.

Take decisive action backed by contractual evidence. Your contextualised Clause Library tracks remediation activity through to downstream data operations, enhancing governance and reducing legal fees.



Russian sanctions data requirements, understood in an afternoon

A European investment bank gained a comprehensive understanding of their termination rights for all sanctioned entities within a single afternoon using our software. Competitors struggled for months and incurred millions in legal costs.

Stay ahead of the competition by being prepared and equipped to navigate the next market event.

Critical contract intelligence – like never before.

How it works

At the forefront of innovation, we have pioneered a revolutionary approach to extracting and managing contractual legal terms and associated data. Our data mining and natural language matching techniques creates contextualised clause libraries from data mined across the most complex financial contracts, achieving unparalleled automation and accuracy for our clients.

Delivering business value

We transform financial institutions’ decision-making. Our software enhances data quality, drastically reduces collection costs and unlocks new datasets to identify risk patterns for proactive risk mitigation.

Access your contextualised contract data in real-time, enhancing your critical decision-making to better manage your legal, credit and operational risk – always backed by contractual evidence.

Why Likezero?

We redefine contract data, turning contracts into contextualised clause libraries. Our techniques surpass the speed, accuracy and cost efficiencies of any other solution available in the market today. Enhanced further with our deep domain expertise.

Confidence levels and false positives are a thing of the past, our software collects only reliable data, eliminating the need for human validation. Our market-leading data framework is specifically designed to handle complexities in managing entities, terms, and data – empowering real-time contractual insights and accelerating business-as-usual processes.

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