Prime Brokerage

Transforming client and risk management in prime brokerage

Problem statement

Q1_ Do you want to accelerate your client onboarding?

Q2_ Can you rapidly access the data required for managing market events?

Q3_ Do you want to improve and optimise your ongoing client management?

Considering recent market events, the Prime Brokerage sector is under growing regulatory pressure to improve counterparty risk management.

Prime Brokers often lack a golden source of accurate and auditable contract data. There is an overreliance on manual, costly approaches to client onboarding, managing legacy agreements and regulatory compliance.

Our solution

Likezero’s revolutionary software is creating a new standard for contract data consumption, enabling organisations to efficiently highlight risk and optimise data in systems essential for counterparty risk management.

Our software handles the complexities associated with Prime Brokerage contracts and provides real time, contextualised counterparty contract intelligence for enhanced client, regulatory and risk management.

Likezero is the deciding factor in times of crisis for Prime Brokerage firms.

< 30 mins

to process newly executed agreements
and access data downstream

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3 clicks

to analyse exposures
to Archegos

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quicker to make
pre-execution decisions

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Business outcomes

  • Accelerated onboarding: Improved data quality and insights into previously agreed clauses, improves pre execution decision making, secures favourable terms and reduces the onboarding time of new business.
  • Ongoing risk management: A golden source and unified view of the contract promotes more accurate risk assessments and ongoing management.
  • Improved client management: Key clauses (e.g. NAV decline, Notice Periods) can be identified in seconds to enhance client management and identify, react and implement decisions effectively.
  • Improved regulatory oversight: A systemic capture of data and analysis to support increased confidence in responding to regulatory pressures.
  • Legal crisis management: Rapid, in-depth clause analysis leads to decisive action in times of crisis or market events.
  • Cost reduction: Automated contract data operations reduce lengthy manual reviews, inefficiencies and operational costs.


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