Ahead of the curve podcast

Ahead of the Curve - Are you invested in Agreement Digitization?

When: Monday 25th October 2021
Type: Podcast

Following an independent study and webcast, John Pucciarelli at Acadia, Audrey Blater at Aite-Novarica and Katie Morgan at LIKEZERO dig deeper into the benefits of firms adopting a data digitization strategy in this refreshing podcast. They explore the significant cost savings that the industry can realise of up to $1.19BN by eliminating redundant processes and digitalizing OTC Derivatives CSA agreements. They speak candidly about the research project that highlighted the overall lack of confidence and trust that some firms had in their organisation’s data –  the very data that is required to drive business and trading decisions. And with an ode to Marty’s DeLorean, hear how our experts see the future shaping out.

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Agreement digitization webinar banner

Are you invested in Agreement Digitization?

When: Wednesday 15th September 3pm BST/10am EST
Type: Virtual

Join Acadia, Aite Novarica and LIKEZERO as they discuss the industry findings of a research study commissioned during the Summer 2021. We will share insights and industry data that provides the cost and value of connecting documents with data.

The panel will discuss:

  • The move towards digitization – what progress are we really making
  • Potential industry cost savings up to $42M per year – how is this achieved and how best to build a business case for agreement digitization
  • What benefits can be realized by fast-tracking a digitization program
  • Importance of a central repository of shared agreement data

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Document digitization webinar banner

Document Digitization the smarter way: An industry and data driven approach.

When: Tuesday 27th April - 3pm BST/10am EST
Type: Virtual

Led by a panel of leading industry practitioners from Goldman Sachs, Linklaters Nakhoda, AcadiaSoft and LIKEZERO.

This webinar will focus on some key themes:

  • How the industry can move towards a digital strategy across legal, trading and collateral agreements
  • The importance of a golden source, industry standard interpretation of data between trading relationships
  • How digitization and Agreement Manager support the integration to a broader eco-system
  • Cost and efficiency benefits of an agreement digitization program

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Tough legacy contacts webinar banner

IHS Markit IBOR Webinar Series:

Legal Implications of the Transition – Repapering and Tough Legacy Contracts

When: 3rd February 2021
Type: Virtual

IHS Markit brought together some of the leading industry experts and key market players for a three-part
series of webinars to discuss the challenges faced by every firm entering the final steps of the IBOR transition.

Our CEO Mike Lines joined the panel to discuss the legal Implications of the transition and what we have

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